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Nearly $10,000 Raised for Birch Community Services

Dear Friends,

This last weekend Daniel House had the great pleasure of hosting the first annual Cannon Beach Croquet Classic to benefit our good friends, Birch Community Services. It is difficult for us to imagine an organization more worthy of our time, money, and energy. We found the day to be exceptionally enjoyable, and a complete success!

Birch Community Services has been serving the community since 1992. Birch is an organization that seeks to alleviate financial and physical burdens of the working poor.  By educating participants in their program, Birch invests in each of their members to ensure that a brighter, debt-free future is within their reach. The unique structure of their services is what excites us so much — just because someone is hungry doesn't mean all he needs is food. We believe in this organization, and we were honored to play a small roll in helping them achieve their mission.

The day was incredibly entertaining, as croquet tends to be, but made even more so by the addition of handicaps — crutches, balloons, fly swatters, oversized mallets, etc. — being bought and used to impede player's opponents. From the handicaps, various donations, and sales, Daniel House was able to raise $9,310.27 for Birch Community Services!

Daniel House likes to joke around about Emily Post's concept of best society, but her definition, "a group of well-mannered persons who treat all people with dignity and kindness," becomes truly meaningful when one is surrounded by people who embody the phrase. We feel privileged by Birch's staff and the various attendees who gave so generously during our first annual Croquet Classic. Next year’s event is sure to be even more successful, and we hope to see each of you there!


Daniel House

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