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Over $20,000 Raised for Birch Community Services

The 2nd Annual Daniel House Croquet Classic

Over $20,000 raised

Daniel House is excited to report the great success of our Second Annual Croquet Classic! This year we again had the honor of partnering with Birch Community Services to support the important work they do serving the working poor. Thanks to our amazing sponsors and friends we were able to join together for a day of good fun, great food, and better company. 

At Daniel House we like to defer to Emily Post for all things etiquette. She has the idea of best society which she defines as "a group of well-mannered persons who treat all people with dignity and kindness." That sounds great, but it takes on much more meaning when one is surrounded by people who embody the phrase. We feel privileged by Birch's staff and the various attendees who gave so generously during our Second annual Croquet Classic. Next year’s event is sure to be even more successful, and we hope to see each of you there!

Thanks to our sponsors

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