Interior Design & Renovation in the Portland Metropolitan Area

For homeowners in the Portland Metropolitan area, we offer interior design and renovations for any size or style of home. The Daniel House team can transform your interior or exterior spaces into functional rooms with a cohesive design narrative. We can turn your house in your dream home.

Whether your home only needs a few new statement pieces or a complete redesign, we have the resources and team to bring your vision to life.

Home Accessories & Décor

Begin your home makeover with a few home décor items that speak true to your personality. We offer contemporary furniture, patterned pillows, cozy throw blankets, and more. Our online store offers a select portion of products which we can ship directly to your Portland Metropolitan home. You might even find décor that will inspire a whole-home transformation.

What We Offer



Completely rewrites or begins a new story for your home. At Daniel House, we are our own General Contractor. This allows us to oversee the complete process, from renovation to interior design, for homes in the Portland Metropolitan area.


Changes the look and feel of the rooms in your home. Our licensed team of contractors in coordination with our designers can redefine your space by changing anything—from flooring and ceiling to walls and windows.

Interior Design

Focusing less on construction, our designers work to to reimagine your existing space. Our interior design services for the Portland Metropolitan area include spatial planning, paint and wallpaper selections, new or existing furniture recommendations, and styling with art and accessories.

Bespoke Home Décor

Adds a unique, personal touch to your homes interior design. We design and create furniture and fixtures for you that bring a room’s final look together.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in custom furnishings or beginning a home redesign, please contact our Portland Metropolitan area interior designers. You can reach them at (971) 333-3133 or leave your inquiry with us online through our contact form.


For realtors and builders in the Portland metropolitan area, we offer a chance to collaborate through our partnership program. Our program’s goal is to offer your end customer the best product possible by letting all parties flourish in what they do best. In the long run, we hope our partnership will be able to save you precious time and money. Our Partnership page provides more information for builders and realtors in the Portland Metropolitan area.

The Home Office

Our home office resides in the heart of Portland.

2328 NW Westover Rd, Portland, OR  97210