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How to Read a Building: In One Easy Video Series

Check out the new online video series our friends at The ICAA have produced that walks you through the history of Classical Architecture. 

In the first video Professor Carter Loth will walk you through Roman Classicism and hopes you'll learn:

1. Learn about the role that Roman classicism plays as the foundation of the architecture of Western Civilization and the important role it plays in the architectural heritage and image of the United States.  2. Be able to identify elements in American architecture that have evolved from Roman design.  3. Gain an understanding of how the Roman treatise on architecture by Vitruvius Pollio, who lived during the time of Caesar Augustus, became and authority for classical design.  4. Develop an informed eye to read a classical building through an understanding of the grammar, syntax, and principles of the classical language. 

We here at Daniel House are very excited about this new series and hope you will be too. Becoming architecturally literate is an important development that many designers in the contemporary world have have failed to complete. Many architects today either have no knowledge of the development of architecture or choose to reject classicism on idealogical grounds. However, we wonder if they really understand what they are rejecting? Find out for yourselves here

If you would like a quicker journey through the history of architecture check out our Architecture Really Fast video series

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