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We specialize in making homes: everything from planting your boxwood hedge to designing the perfect surrounding for your fireplace. That said, most of our work falls into the following categories:


Interior Planning

Developing a cohesive design narrative for your space: this includes paint, furniture, and accessories.



A more involved, and often architectural, process, this is overhauling spaces to drastically change their look and feel. Flooring, ceiling, walls and windows: everything’s up for grabs. As licensed contractors we are also able to be with from start to finish. 



Daniel House operates as our own General Contractor. Offering contacting and design allows us to streamline the construction process, saving you time and money. 


Bespoke Products

We like to make sure every part of the home is a unique, cohesive, experience, as such we regular design furniture and fixtures for our clients. However, we also design pieces independently from our other projects.

While these are our core capabilities, we take on design and staging projects of all sizes. If you'd like to learn more, please enquire.

Visit our portfolio to view samples of our work.

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