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Realtors + Daniel House

You're excellent at selling homes. We're excellent at designing homes. Daniel House wants to encourage the creation of and care for great homes in its area. That is just one of the reasons we partner with local realtors in providing design advice. We can save you time and money in making design choices for your new listings that need a little help or by offering our services to your new home buyers. People tend to think good design is too expensive, but the truth is good design often costs the same as bad design. We have the expertise to help you and your clients make great spaces that everyone will love.

How the program works?

By making us your preferred design referral, you'll join our realtor partners program, earning you 3 free hours of design advice per month, plus special marketing benefits. You will receive one quarter page ad** in our print publication and one month of ads in its online version. Every two referrals earns you another ad in print and online***. We will also work with you to advertise certain listings through our various online marketing channels****. And, you'll be invited to at least two Daniel House events a year to mingle with our past, present, and future, clients and the rest of our growing network.

Who qualifies?

Currently, this program is in beta and is by invite only. If you would like to register your interest in joining the Daniel House Realtor Program you can fill out the form below and we will keep you up to date as the program grows. We partner with realtors whose clients match the demographic of our typical clients -- namely, people shopping at the upper end of the market, buying and selling homes exceeding $750,000.

Recommend us to new home buyers and they receive*

  • 20% off our regular hourly rate (normally $185/hr)

  • Wholesale +25% for design products

  • 3% off of our contracting fee (normally 12%)

  • A fresh design at a reasonable rate

Use us for sprucing up new listings and receive...

  • 3 free on-site consultation hours per month

    • 35% off for additional hours ($120/hr)

  • Wholesale + 10% on design and building materials 

  • Sketches of renovation proposals for $100 each  

  • A fresh space that saves you time and money

What does it cost?​


It's free! We are working to foster good relations with good realtors who we will be able to recommend to our clients as they recommend us to theirs.

*All clients are subject to approval based on our availability, expertise, and other criteria 
**All ads are subject to our advertising standards regarding their content and design
***For referrals to qualify they need only lead to an initial meeting
****There is no set number of listing per month, but the listing must match our aesthetics or have a quality which we feel would interest our readers

Thanks! Message sent.

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